Capilano University Communications Video

To create a short, fun video with tips for Capilano University staff and students to help reduce email overload. 
We were able to design and create a short, dynamic video narrated by one of our professional voice actors, which could then be shared internally and online by the communications department!
"Crystal Clear Solutions presented affordable, organized and viable print and print-on-demand options for publishing 'Instruction Matters' and delivered a final product that exceeded all our expectations. Crystal's depth of knowledge for modern publishing processes and her ability to convey workable solutions transformed a complex project into a successful resource for educators. Crystal is a thoroughly informed, up-to-the-minute, well-organized professional and has been an outstanding contributor to our learning resource services. She's also an excellent conference speaker and panelist, and I was proud to invite her to present and amaze at the 2013 National Conference of the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education."
- Victoria Miles, Director, Communications & Marketing at Capilano University