Publishing Services for Diane Bestwick | And a Bird Sang  


To help Diane Bestwick publish her novel. Diane wanted to publish her manuscript about the one-child policy to help raise funds to support foster homes in China. She also wanted it available worldwide in both print and digital format because, after years of travelling, she has family and friends scattered across the globe.


First, we helped Diane polish up her manuscript and get it ready for publication. Then we handled cover design, book design and file preparation for print and Kindle formats. To facilitate the promotion and sale of her book, we set up publishing accounts on her chosen platforms and helped her set up her website. Lastly, we uploaded all the finished files to her publishing accounts.

The process work with Crystal was non-threatening, inspiring and empowering. I learned a lot from Crystal, which I could never have learned on my own. From the beginning I felt she believed in my project and gave me options to consider, and yet always made me feel the final decisions were up to me. I am extremely proud of the finished project." – Diane Bestwick