Publishing | Emily Madill


To prepare for Emily Madill a professional-looking collection of non-fiction articles, many of which had been previously published in magazines and online. The compilation had to be part gift book and part journal, and be available for world-wide distribution following her successful kickstarter campaign!


We collected the articles into a small book with a nice, polished look. We handled book design and file preparation, and uploaded the files to Emily’s existing publisher accounts, as well as coaching her through the publication process. 


It is great to work with someone who I know stands behind my work and is on board with my vision. Crystal has always enhanced what I had set out to originally do and when she sees opportunities that would be a good fit, she has always eagerly passed them my way. Crystal sent me an opportunity that ended up with me getting published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for kids. Overall, Crystal has helped me to create a brand that is cohesive and polished and is being well received as such. She really helped me to set up a solid foundation to my business that only continues to grow."

– Emily Madill